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Full Body Massages

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A complete set of massage of your body from your head to your back down to your legs. It is our most essential massage therapy that helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis, and with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from a little stress- management. Also improves your overall body well-being and blood circulation. (For prenatal massage, it is strictly advisable to do massage once you are past your 1st trimester.)

You can choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Aromatherapy massage.
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[lsvr_accordion][lsvr_accordion_item title=”1 Hour Massage” price=”140″]A quick  full body massage focused on relieving tension areas across your body. Ideal for mild stress and relaxation.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”1.5 Hour Massage” price=”170″]Allows time for full body massage plus dedicated relief of key areas that cause tension, stress and pain Ideal for neglected stress, tight muscles or persistent pain[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”2 Hour Massage” price=”200″]Ample time for full body massage, various modalities and dedicated relief of chronic stress or pain Ideal for chronic stress, tension and/or pain[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion]
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Hot Stone Massage

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Our Hot Stone Massage offer the most amazing therapeutic effect. It melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation and metabolism. Also helps decreases stress and anxiety. It is very suitable for people with chronic pain, rheumatic/arthritic condition and fibromyalgia. 

Each Hot Stone session features the placement of smooth, pre-heated stones at key points on the body to allow for deeper relaxation of the muscles. Our professional massage therapists then incorporate a customized massage, with the use of hot stones, to create a healing and relaxing experience.

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[lsvr_accordion][lsvr_accordion_item title=”1.5 Hour Hot Stone Massage” price=”250″]Allows enough time for the therapeutic effect of hot stone massage.  Hot stone are placed on dedicated relief of key areas that cause tension, stress and pain.

Ideal for neglected stress, tight muscles or persistent pain.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”2 Hour Hot Stone Massage” price=”280″]Ample time for therapeutic effect of hot stone massage. plus special hot stone placement on dedicated relief of key areas that cause tension, stress and pain.

Ideal for chronic stress, tension and/or pain.[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion]

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Add these extra treatments to your regular or hot stone massages for greater benefits.

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[lsvr_accordion][lsvr_accordion_item title=”30 min Back Massage” price=”48″]Help alleviate the muscle spasms which occur when your rib or thoracic joints lose mobility, thereby helping those joints function better. Also helps to relief back pain.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”30min Head and Shoulder Massage” price=”48″]Soothe away tensions in your upper body, break down knots and improve your flexibility. It helps relieve headaches by stimulating the nerves on your scalp and the blood circulation within your head.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”25 min Face Lifting Massage” price=”38″]Thorough cleansing with a pure, wholesome facial cleanser and warm towels to soften the skin. Also decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tone facial muscles and release unblock stuck energy.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”30min Eye Treatment” price=”38″]Fades the look of dark circles & helps smooth the appearance of fine lines.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”30 min Full Body Scrub” price=”60″]Gently remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the outer layer of skin. This helps to unclog pores and expose your skin’s underlying healthier layers.[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion]
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Value Packages

Have more savings for your money by booking our value packages.

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[lsvr_accordion][lsvr_accordion_item title=”Oriental (2 Hour 25 min)” price=”220″ oldprice=”238″]2 hour Full Body Massage + 30min Eye Treatment

Ideal for great body relaxation, tension relief and with great emphasis on rejuvenating your face, giving a brighter and energetic look.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”Serenity (2 Hour 25 min)” price=”240″ oldprice=”258″]1.5 Hour Full Body Massage + 30min Full Body Scrub + 25min Face Lifting Massage

Renew and rejuvenate yourself with our carefully crafted treatment. Enjoy a softer, youthful glowing skin.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”Pure Bliss (2 Hour 55 min)” price=”330″ oldprice=”378″]2 Hr Full Body Hot Stone Massage + 30min Full Body Scrub + 25 min Face Lifting Massage

The most incredible spa experience at the comfort of your home. Pamper yourself in this virtual getaway, enjoying pure relaxation, and maximum healing to your body.[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion]

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Regulars Package

For clients who seek long term usage and savings.

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[lsvr_accordion][lsvr_accordion_item title=”5 sessions of 1 Hour Full Body Massage” price=”650″][/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”5 sessions of 1.5 Hour Full body Massage” price=”800″]Free 2 sessions of 25min face massage.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”5 sessions of 2 Hour Full body Massage” price=”950″]Free 1 session of 1½ hour full body massage.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”5 sessions of 1.5 Hour Hot Stone Massage” price=”1250″]Free 1 session of 1½ hour hot stone massage.[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”5 sessions of 2 Hour Hot Stone Massage” price=”1400″]Free 1 session of 2 hour hot stone massage.

Free 1 any add-on of your choice.[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion]

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We bring all these following items to ensure you have a great home spa experience.

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