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Q Mobile Spa | Professional Home Mobile Spa in KL Selangor Malaysia

Experience the best quality, professional massage at the comfort and privacy of your home. We bring to you a relaxing spa ambiance with candles, massage bed, spa music and essential oils; ensuring you a stress free mind, body and soul.

“Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we looked at”
– Tiffany Field, Phd – Director Touch Research Institute, University of Miami

Our customers has reportedly experienced the following after a massage session

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A deeper relaxing sleep.

Massage helps to combat insomnia by promoting the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain. The area of the brain that facilitates the body into deep sleep uses serotonin to communicate. The brain also uses serotonin to produce Melatonin, which is a hormone which tells the brain to “slow down” and to prepare to sleep.

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Increased focus and productivity.

An optimal stress is good to push us forward, but high level of stress impaired our performance because of strong anxiety. With massage, our body are able to relax and de-stress.

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Free from body discomfort and pain.

When our body is under stress from various physical activities, our muscle becomes hardened, which is a natural body respond to . When given enough rest, that area of our muscle are able to recover and become stronger. But with lack of rest, we will experience pain and discomfort, which is an indication of lack of rest. By having a massage, those areas of muscle became loose and relaxed, enabling faster recovery.

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Feel more energetic.

This is due to the increase in blood circulation around the body. During a massage session, the pressure applied all across the body causes oxygen and nutrients to flow into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.

 With Q Mobile Spa, you are able to

  • Get a quality and relaxing massage at home
  • Save yourself precious time by having us come to you, instead of having to go thru all the hassle of going to a day spa.
  • Enjoy deep and relaxing sleep.
  • Rid yourself of body discomfort and pain
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Our Service
We offer a wide range of beauty services

[lsvr_button_vc style=”m-type-2″ section_button=”yes” inview_anim=”pulse” text=”See Pricing” link=”http://qmobilespa.com/menu”][lsvr_carousel transparent_bg=”yes” items_per_slide=”4″ items_per_slide_desktop=”4″ items_per_slide_smalldesktop=”3″ items_per_slide_tablet=”2″ items_per_slide_mobile=”1″][lsvr_service image_rounded=”yes” image=”173″ title=”Full Body Massage” link=”menu/#fullbodymassages” image_size=”medium”]Ranging from 1 hour to 2 hour massage. Can select from prenatal, Swedish, aromatherapy  and deep tissue massage.[/lsvr_service][lsvr_service image_rounded=”yes” image=”174″ image_size=”medium” title=”Hot Stone Massage” link=”menu/#hotstonemassage”]Choose from 90min or 2 hour hot stone massage duration.[/lsvr_service][lsvr_service image_rounded=”yes” image=”175″ image_size=”medium” title=”Add-Ons” link=”menu/#add-ons”]Face lifting massage, Eye treatment, Body Scrub and more[/lsvr_service][lsvr_service image_rounded=”yes” image_size=”medium” title=”Value Packages” link=”menu/#valuepackages” image=”176″]Choose from Oriental,  Serenity, and Pure Bliss for the ultimate spa experience.[/lsvr_service][lsvr_service image_rounded=”yes” image_size=”medium” title=”Regulars Package” link=”menu/#regularspackage” image=”179″]For those of you who know our massage feels like. Get yourself more savings from our regulars package.[/lsvr_service][/lsvr_carousel][lsvr_divider whitespace_size=”m-medium” transparent=”yes”]

What our customer says
Here are some of the feedback from some of our clients

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Searched online and came across@qmobilespa. I was pleasantly surprised to find out a regular therapist of mine had ventured out on her own.
I’ve tried similar services and this one is definitely value for money. She does prenatal massages too!
Her hot stone massages was really good and the scrub, prior to my massage, made me feel so good (been feeling so icky with leaky mammary glands and baby vomit, so it was nice to be scrubbed neck downwards!) I highly recommend it.

[/lsvr_testimonial][lsvr_testimonial portrait=”108″ source=”Eleena Harris, Singer Songwriter”]

Kadang kadang bila kita busy sangat dengan kerja, badan pun jadi lemah, tak bertenaga. Time ni la kita kena manjakan diri sendiri?  Yang bestnya Spa ni, semuanya dilakukan dalam bilik kita! Senang kan? Ada private spa sendiri dalam bilik ????”

[/lsvr_testimonial][lsvr_testimonial portrait=”190″ source=”Karina Low, Working Mother”]

After I used Q Mobile spa for prenatal massage, I feel decreased my back and leg pain, improved sleep, decreased levels of stress hormone norepinephrine and lowered anxiety too.

[/lsvr_testimonial][lsvr_testimonial portrait=”191″ source=”Melati Ibrahim, Founder BlackCrownProjek”]

 Their therapist is very skilled, experienced and utterly professional. My body felt more relax and the aches plus stress were gone in 1 hour of massage. The ingredients used such as the massage oils and body/face scrubs are organic-based! This certainly suits my sensitive skin and most importantly, an avid organic-based lover!?

[/lsvr_testimonial][lsvr_testimonial portrait=”195″ source=”Carmelia, Working Professionals”]

Thank you! My mom was so happy as the massage was a surprise for her birthday. She said it was very relaxing and that Qaseh is very smiley but she’s strong!
Will definitely be back for more ?

[/lsvr_testimonial][lsvr_testimonial portrait=”199″ source=”Zuraihah Rahman, Casa Organza Founder, event organizer”]

After few nights at the hospital, my husband arranged with @qmobilespa to do home spa service, for me to distress myself.
I’m quite skeptical at first. But surprisingly the service is excellent. They set up my bedroom exactly like spa ambiance, complete with scented candles and soothing music.
The therapist is so professional and great at her services. I took two hours full body massage and felt so relaxed & rejuvinated. Kepala & badan rasa sgt ringan. Highly recommended.

[/lsvr_testimonial][lsvr_testimonial portrait=”197″ source=”Miss B, Working Professionals”]

Very good service from your therapist.. Thank u so much! Will definitely will return for continuous service. Thanx!

[/lsvr_testimonial][lsvr_testimonial portrait=”200″ source=”Violetberryworld Founder, Business Owner”]

 I just feel sooooo good. Good friend of mine recommend this to me! I was pleasantly surprised to find out she basically come to your house & create a spa like ambiance ( with amazing & awesome service of course! ) aroma therapy, candle & relaxing music weee.. this one is definitely value for money? 2 hours just not enough! Hahaha ? Thank you @qmobilespa for your excellent services! ???

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Join the hundreds of women who has experienced the amazing benefits of our mobile spa!

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